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Farmers' Sustainability Statements

The Geneva Green Market, NFP group is devoted to education of the health giving nature of locally grown food, local sustainability and conservation of resources.
We are located at the Geneva Green Market, a local, green Farmers Market in Geneva, Illinois. The market has local farmers within 200 miles of Geneva Illinois. These farmers are dedicated to bringing the freshest from their fields to your plate.

CC Angus Beef by Don & Marilyn Dralle

Mineral Point, Wisconsin (630) 776-4309
We pride ourselves in offering you a grass-fed/grass-finished Angus beef product direct and at its very best. Our animals are fed good forage in rotating grazing, stockpiling and presenting bales. They are raised humanely without the use of hormones, growth implants or antibiotics.

Curds and Whey Cheese Company by Rob Murphy

Geneva, Illinois (630) 988-0705
We work directly with cheese makers to bring outstanding regional, artisan and select international cheeses and butter to the Fox Valley region. We value these qualities in our cheeses, butter producers and milk sources: natural, organic, cave aged, human treatment of animal, among many other qualities that work together to produce quality and environmentally friendly dairy products.

Erehwon Farm by Beth Propst & Tim Fuller

Elburn, Illinois (630) 485-9964
We believe growing without chemicals is better for the consumer and doesn't harm the environment. We love to deal directly with the people who consume what we produce, working with them to improve our products and our processes.

Farm Direct Black Angus by Mark & Linda Schramer

Maple Park, Illinois (815) 895-4691
Our hormone-free Angus cowherd is born on our farm and raised on feed that is grown on our farm. We know the process from start to finish.

Grandma's Farm Fresh Eggs by Bonnie Ogle & Paul St. John

Sugar Grove, Illinois (630) 466-4616
We promise to treat our animals with respect, provide them with access to pasture or pasture products, as appropriate to weather, not use hormones or medicated feeds and support local suppliers and producers whenever possible

Hasselmann Family Farm by Scott Hasselmann

Marengo, Illinois (847) 525-3590
Family run farm located in beautiful northwestern Illinois near the town of Lanark, two hours northwest of Chicago. As fourth generation farmers, they raise Berkshire hogs, Milking Shorthorn cattle, Suffolk sheep, Moscovy ducks, chickens, goats, and Broad Breasted White turkeys. All their livestock and produce is raised outdoors on pasture in harmony with natural environment. Their pigs can be pigs and play in the mud and their chickens can be chickens and scratch in the soil.

Heritage Prairie Farm & Market by Bronwyn Weaver

Elburn, Illinois (630) 802-0452
The mission of Heritage Prairie Farm is to employ future-minded, sustainable business practices, while being responsible stewards of the land. We follow sustainable agricultural practices to enrich our soil, feed our community and educate our children.

Hillside Orchards by Paul & Sarah Thelen & Rebecca Thelen Brandt

Berrien Springs, Michigan (269) 471-7558
We use insect pheromones and insect growth regulators and organic materials first, but when we find other materials necessary we only use ones that are safe for people, safe for the environment and are short-lived and have low leach-ability to protect wildlife.

Inglenook Pantry by Connie & Mark Weaver

Geneva, IL (630) 377-0373
We buy and process locally produced ingredients for our products to provide delicious and community-friendly foods.

Ronald O'Leary Farm by Ronald O'Leary

Marengo, Illinois (815) 378-3832
We wish to be a force for positive social and environmental change by offering a variety of natually grown heirloom vegetables and herbs to the people of Northern Illinois. Tomatoes are our specialty, and during the season we offer over twenty varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, our vegetables are brought to market withing 24 hours.

Orchard Patisserie

Elgin, IL (608) 322-4774
We take care to source our ingredients from local producers and sellers. Our products are made using all natural ingredients in a traditional style. This results in great taste and freshness. We use a minimum of packaging to reduce waste.

Perennial Pleasures by Larry Geddes

Geneva, Illinois (630) 208-1660
In our efforts to create a balance between the environment and farming, we encourge wildlife by creating and keeping a habitat for it. We grow organically and have a pond so that animals and native plants can survive alongside our perrenials.

Pushing the Envelope Farm by Libby Voss

Geneva, Illinois (630) 578-3313
For the 2010 growing season we will be growing over 120 varieties of 41 different vegetables, as well as almost 40 varieties of herbs and flowers, all on one cultivated acre. Our main reason for growing is to feed those in need of healthy, local, organic vegetables. When you purchase goods from Pushing the Envelope Farm you help us provide more produce to the food bank and those in need.

Pure Prairie Farm by Bill Scheffler & Izabella Kowalski

Elburn, Illinois (630) 510-2483
We grown a nice selection of vegetables and melons but our focus is on the fruits. Insects and diseases are controlled with plant nutrition. Weeds are pulled or mowed. We use advanced fertility to produce nutrient dense, high brix, fruits and vegetables that have exceptional flavor and keeping storage quality.

R Family Farm

Poplar Grove, Illinois (815) 519-4341
The R Family Farm raises Broad Breasted White turkeys and Bourbon Red turkeys. All of their turkeys are fed a mixture of corn, roasted soybeans, kelp, flax, probiotics and other good things. All turkey feed is hormone-free, steroid-free and antibiotic-free. The turkeys are processed at an Amish federally inspected facility.

Stojan's Vegetables by Phil & Karen Stojan

Maple Park, Illinois (815) 827-3265
We use integrated pest management - no pesticides are applied unless an economic threshold is needed. In keeping with our commitment to sustainable farming practices weed control is done by hand or mechanical cultivation, mulch is used to conserve moisture and avoid possible soil erosion, and bees are used for pollination.

Twin Garden Farms

Harvard, Illinois (815) 943-7448
Our Mirai sweet corn is deemed the sweetest, most tender, and flavorful. Our farming practices are those tha twill produce the freshest, safest produce possible. Twin Gardens participates in the USDA soil conservations program is USDA GAP (good agricultural practices) Certified.

Webb Family Farms by Gail Webb & Cathy Richardson

Capron, Illinois (815) 737-8226
We are a small family farm who believes that our livestock should be raised the old fashioned way, with lots of sunshine, fresh air and TLC. We would like to offer our blue ribbon pork and sheep directly from our farm to your family's table, because everyone should be able to taste the difference that quality makes.

Wiltse's Farm Produce by Joe & Kate Wiltse

Maple Park, Illinois (815) 827-3575
Our family has owned and operated our farm for four generations. With that said, our mission is to grown and sell the highest quality of farm products and provide the services that follow these farm products to our customers, just as we would to our own family.